Visualizing Your Experience

Abdul Qayyum
2 min readJun 18, 2021


Amal Fellowship isn’t simply a three-month journey, however life expertise to pay the remainder of my life with a family.

My journey with Amal Fellowship will be unforgettable because it is full of memories that I will never forget. I have found a family that I can feel and can share my secrets fearlessly. When someone asks me, I can ask for help and help others. I started this journey with a not-so-enthusiastic attitude, but with the continuous exchange of meetings, my enthusiasm and interest reached the extreme. I can clearly see the huge difference in my personality. At first, I thought this type of company might be what I was looking for, now I have come to the right place. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep going, but the only factors that drive it forward are my passion, learning new skills, and becoming the best version of myself than ever before. I also learned time management, which will be of great help to my future career. After posting comments on every online course and blog, my pace has been significantly improved, and my professional communication methods have also been significantly improved.

It was a great experience to participate in this fellowship, and I really enjoyed these three months. Learning from outstanding mentors Sir Ahmed and Mrs. Qurat ul Ain, learning from outstanding people from different disciplines, batch 185, and working with outstanding team members and partners in my circle are all refreshing and exciting experiences. Therefore, the first few weeks in Amal were difficult for me. I sacrificed my dream and Sunday’s cricket game. There is doubt and fear. In the first week, I enjoyed my first online course, and at the same time, I was afraid of being exposed to the weekend course. This is the first meeting of the teaching group and it is a great experience.

I had many doubts as to whether I could complete this fellowship or whether I could learn and excel throughout the fellowship, but the session was very interesting and enjoyable, I was thanked for discussing my point of view and I was taught the courage to take comments against me with a smile. The first two weeks consisted of discovering yourself, discovering your passion and your purpose in life, and reflecting on life with the help of life maps. I really enjoyed these courses. I realized what I have learned through all the good and bad experiences I have had so far, what I have gained from it and how these lessons will help me in the future, I have discovered a lot and learned the positives to polish and good qualities and how I can work on the areas to improve my personality. It boosted my confidence and the recognition I received, it was encouraging and stimulating. Amal gave me the courage to dream big and the strength to fly high.

If I say everything in one line then I must say that “Amal fellowship make my life better than it was before”. I love this fellowship.

Thanks, Amal for polishing me.