Positive Reflection

Abdul Qayyum
2 min readJun 5, 2021


As it is said that

“Aye ibn e Adam

Aik Meri chahat hai

Aik teri chahat hai[/HI]

Hoga to wohi jo Meri chahat hai

Par agar to ne supard kardiya apnay aap ko us, ke, jo Meri chahat hai

To woh bhi tujhe de doon ga jo teri chahat hai

Agar to ne mukhalifat ki us ki jo Meri chahat hai

To Mien thaka doonga tujhe us mien jo teri chahat hai

Phir wohi hoga jo Meri chahat hai.”

Always Be Positive

As the above picture shows that what I learned at Amal is always be positive. When I joined Amal Academy, my life has undergone very positive changes. Even before I started practicing, the interview had a huge impact on me, and I knew I was on the right track. I want to study, but not in a way that would normally exhaust my body and mind. Thank you very much to my classmates, they are actually Amal’s alumni family, tell me about this wonderful family. I find that my friends are very active and energetic. After joining Amal Academy and seeing their positive energy, I am motivated to participate in this wonderful journey.

Since energy is said to be contagious, I just hope to meet optimistic people wherever I go. As I grow older, I understand that we live in a world full of criticism. For me, Amal’s journey is about providing our value proposition and our interaction. This is related to our professional goals. Every day I challenge myself to do something new, which will affect my goal-oriented journey and broaden my thinking. The way I do this also helps my personal growth. The advantages of overcoming my weaknesses. For example, optimism is my strength. It helps me reduce stress by doing my best and keep working efficiently during these three months.