Lessons from the last session: Taking Flight 🕊

Abdul Qayyum
3 min readJun 18, 2021


The last session was difficult to explain. Sometimes when you are somewhere for a couple of seconds and you found a heart-touching feeling for it and sometimes you live a place for a long time but you don’t have any feelings for that as you don’t have an incident as memory. As for me memorizing power is not excellent but at Amal, I have long-lasting memories which I don’t think I will lose when I am out of my memory. After my school life, the second most beautiful journey of my life was with Amal. In the second last session when people share their stories of life their struggles and the crucial environment and harsh conditions that they felt in their lives, I say thanks to Allah almighty for gifting me with great opportunities in my life.

Some people’s stories make me weep too and I wanted to say to them that you are filled with abilities that others don’t have and whenever you are in the market you will rock. In the last session when everyone’s childhood picture is shown and others are guessing their names make me remember my childhood too. I was immense in my childhood when I saw other pictures.

Childhood Memories

Some peoples are very happy as the fellowship is going to be ended today and others are weeping as we lost such useful fellows and mentors. And I remember when everyone is very said that after fellowship how we contact our mentors, then our mentors said that, fellow don’t worry we are family now and remain as a family till last breath. They also shred their personal contacts to contact them anytime, anywhere for anything.

Last Session

Firstly, I am really grateful to the person who suggested I spend time with the Amal family and secondly my mentors, my fellows, and especially my circle members who helped me a lot in everything. I think my fellowship at Amal academy was a gift by Allah and is the result of my mother’s prayers. If I say truly, I don’t have words to explain my experience as it was really outstanding. If I explain my experience in a few words then I must say that I am nothing before and now Amal made me something.

Feelings for Amal

Thanks to Amal Academy, Amal family, mentors, and fellows for making me the extraordinary version of myself.