Environmental Protection

Abdul Qayyum
3 min readApr 9, 2021


I am thinking about choosing a mega project on the protection of the environment. I saw a large community facing breathing problems in this world of technology and innovation. So, I wanted to build an environment in which at least we may have fresh breathing air so that we couldn’t encounter suffocation problems. As our good health depends on our environmental conditions and food. But unfortunately, we are unable to find both of them presently. Because we are polluting our environment by using fossil fuels to run our vehicles, industries, aircrafts, submarines, energy production and almost in every field of our life.

Environmental pollution sources
Clouds of pollutant in china


Solution to this problem is plantation. But at the same time, we are not cleaning our environment and rather than increasing forests, we are doing deforestations’. So, my basic motivation behind choosing this project as a mega project is to make our community aware of their mistakes and steps that they have to take to save the environment for next generations.

It’s a kind of social welfare work. In today’s world we are facing rapid environmental changes because of sudden changes in atmospheric conditions. And the question arises here why these changes occur? And the answer to this question is because of human needs. As human beings living a life of high standards and to meet this need the industrial sector is growing at its highest, transportation based on fossil fuels, these are the large sources of greenhouse gases. Because of depletion of our ozone layer harmful UV rays are now reaching earth’s surface but unable to go back and release entrapped energy on earth. Which cause to rise in 2˚C temperature rise and harsh environmental changes. Oxides of nitrogen and Sulphur released from chimneys or exhaust depleting our environment. So, our coming generations are in danger. Below is a picture that shows what our ancestor leaves behind for us.

Environment gifted by ancestors
Changing environmental condition

And a pic given below is what we are producing and how we are depleting our fresh environment. So now it’s time for us to rather than depleting our environment we have to make it clean and pure and for this we only have a choice to start plantation.

Industrial untreated exhausts


Now it is concluded that by increasing the number of plants there is a decrease in environmental pollution and hence we reverse back to an environment where we can at least breath in fresh air, and live a life of pleasure.