Fixing Stuff Around Yourself
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. I wanted to say that our surroundings and environment impacts us heavily. So the place of our living also impart some qualities on ourselves. It’s the background knowledge almost all of us aware of it, but the thing of consideration is who are we? And the answer to this question is, we are human beings, and it’s necessary for all of us to make ourselves, surroundings and society clean and clear. And we have to start it from our homes. Firstly the picture below shows how my bed and all other things was unorganized.

Here I have laptop, register, polythene bag and blanket are unorganized. First of all we have to arrange all of our things in a good manner and at there specified places. And I repeat this exercise daily. As I wake up early in the morning and leave my bed so first thing that I do is to arrange my belongings because it’s a thing that reflect you’re personality, it shows ourselves as Exquisite kind of personality. And below is picture showing extraordinary look after arrangement of all stuff at there specified places. I arranged all stuff at its specified place.

It’s tell others what kind of person you are? And a good and Exquisite person don’t really like rubbish around its surroundings. And I am really thankful to Amal for this activity because it teaches us that how to live within our premises cheerfully, and it really excites me daily.


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