Amal Totkay

Abdul Qayyum
3 min readApr 9, 2021


We are living human beings, sometime we use totkay or remedies for our skin to glow, for our hair to shine, for our soul to be enthusiastic. In the same order as I explained, what we do when we need to grow our mindset? When we wanted to develop our personality? When we Wanted to groom our self-confidence? We don’t have hard rules to follow but we also have some totkay shared by Amal academy as given below. These help in developing a growth mindset.

1. Self-talk

2. Get out of your comfort zone

3. Create new habits

4. Ask people for help

5. Fake it till you make it

These rules are best defined below one by one.


When we talk to ourselves, we learn of our pros and cons, learn our strength and weaknesses. So, at the end of every day, we have to spare at least 15 minutes to talk with ourselves to ask what we are? Who we are? And why we are? These three questions are the questions which I think are the blend or center of our whole life. When we ask ourselves with these three questions, we practice to make our minds in working order. Because slow and steady wins the race.

Get out of your comfort zone:

Get out of comfort zone is good practice for being successful in life span. Because comfort make you lazy, unworkable and at the end no growth. So, get out of your comfort zone is the thing that teaches you how to survive, how to live a life at its fullest with happiness and pleasure.

Create new Habits:

Creating new Habits whether small or large is also necessary for continuous growth. Because its psyche or human’s nature that we will be bored of things tomorrow that we like today. So, creating new habits make us on our way to grow continually. I started new habit of talking to myself after this course.

Ask people for Help:

It’s the good way of examining people, they may be your friends, family members, you relatives’ colleges, either someone you can trust or someone stranger. It shows you that, how ethically you communicate with other, how good you are at defining your problems to others. So, this totka helps in get rid of your comfort zone in real manner.

Fake it till you make it:

This concept will work best if you follow the totka of get out of your comfort zone. If you’re a person who always think of solutions to some problems, but can’t execute its solution strategy because of fear of failure. But until we don’t apply the solution how we can reach to result whether which solution is best. These totkay helps us a lot in our personality development if we think them positively at real grounds.